What are The International Fashion Film Awards and Why Should We Care?

The International Fashion Film Awards,  according to the website,  are the “global confirmation of excellence in fashion film production” that is “supported by fashion professionals worldwide.” But what significance do they hold for the rest of us? Or in other words, why should we care about them?awardsThe awards usually take place on the last night of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival. Fashion films are a natural progression of film’s and fashion’s collaborative history as well as operational similarities. Both require teams of people actively engaging in the process of making a larger product with a visionary leading them in a particular direction.So let’s say that Karl Lagerfeld is the visionary behind the Chanel and Fendi brands, much like George Lucas is the visionary behind the Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises; most films require a specific aesthetic and wardrobe is a big part of it, just like most fashion advertisements have a particular message the director tries to convey. Now expand on the idea a bit and suddenly films focusing on fashion make sense. Enter the fashion film awards.http://youtu.be/SnU9mIzRmQgSpeaking of Karl, it’s important to mention that as one of the most iconic and reputable fashion icons in the world, he was also one of the original fashion filmmakers around. His films were screened at the festival the evening before the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, when it came to the two interconnected industries, historically film usually got the attention, that is, until now.karlAs of 2009 there has been a spiked interest in fashion films, yes, a lot of that has to do with the establishment of the La Jolla Fashion Film Festival, but they have been around since the silent film era (no speech = visual engagement) and have played a rather large role in them.  Just imagine Charlie Chaplain wearing anything other than what he did and you’ll get the idea.And since the mission of The International Fashion Film Awards is to Empower, Support and Recognize the Individual Creative Professionals Who Make The Fashion Film Community Worldwide, we should invest ourselves in the awards, if for no other reason, to give credit where it’s due. But who knows, they might be more appealing than the latest season of Project Runway. Image Source: www.ljfff.com