The Rain Room at the MoMA

If you’re already in the city of lights then you must drop by New York’s Museum of Modern Art and experience the international environment, Rain Room. Sure, the wait might be 90-120 minutes and sure, it’s one of the quickest exhibits ever. Even so, this major component of the MoMA PS1 exhibition EXPO 1: New York, the Rain Room is one experience you definitely should not miss out on. With sensor detectors to expel water wherever a human body is detected, it proffers attendees with a feeling of controlling the rain.Photo 1From this exhibit, visitors explore science, technology and human ingenuity all in one environment. Most visitors, if not all have said it was well worth the wait. Honestly, part of the fun is taking a photo just to laminate the memory.In reality, you’ll never have a chance to walk through pouring cats and dogs without an umbrella and all the while staying dry. How you can you put a price or time on that experience?Photo 2 (2)Initially, the Rain Room was installed at the Barbican in London and with its successful installation it is now available in New York City. At times dance performances are even given from dancers through the space alongside visitors. The exhibit is open until July 28th, giving you a full month to stop by. Just remember to bring a refreshing drink, light snacks, and anticipation for the line.Photo 3 (2)