Tattooing and Fashion: How To Make Tattoos Fashionable

You always love fashion. You want to be updated with the latest fashion trends and when you see a new fashion piece from your favorite designer brand, you immediately add these items in your closet. Your friends also know how you have a knack for fashion. However, you’re worried that you can no longer be as fashionable because you just got tattoos on different parts of your body. You fear that all of these inks will hinder you from looking your best. But nobody said that tattoos and fashion never complement each other; on the contrary, they do. Even if you have tattoos, you can still be very fashionable just like before. To give you an idea on how you can do it, use the tips presented below:Consider the colors: This is a simple trick you can do so both your tattoos and fashion choices will look great together. If you have colorful and vibrant tattoos, pair them up with neutrals. Watercolor tattoos have become a fad recently and if you’re considering getting one, The Black Hat Tattoo can get the job done for you. If you have black and grey tattoos, you can wear colors to bring out the designs. Go ahead and wear your favorite pink dress or yellow romper! One rule of thumb when matching your tattoo and fashion though, is never wear anything that will clash with each other. This isn’t a very flattering look.Consider the theme: The theme is also something which you should think about when you’re choosing pieces to match with your tattoos. This might look like a small detail but this can make a big impact for you to come up with a cohesive look. If you have Japanese style tattoos, you can wear Asian inspired fashion. You know, those fashion pieces which are silky and flowy. On the other hand, if you have traditional tattoos like skull and mandala prints, it can look great when you pair these with modern shirts and jeans. Watercolor tattoos work well with pieces which have the same color as your tattoo. So if you have tattoos of pink and blue birds, pick fashion pieces which have the similar hues.Consider the location: Where your tattoos are inked on your body is also very crucial. You should choose hemlines, necklines sleeves based on the tattoos you want to show off. For instance, if you have a full sleeve tattoo, opt to wear a sleeveless top. When you have a chest tattoo, go for a strapless top. Regardless of where your tattoo is, there are many pieces available in the market which can help you show it off.In Conclusion: Nowadays, more and more people are getting tattoos all over their bodies. Tattoos are no longer taboo but an avenue for self-expression and art. And if you’re one of these people, your tattoo shouldn’t be the reason for you not to dress well at all. On the contrary, your tattoos can even help you accentuate better your fashion choices.[author] [author_image timthumb='on'][/author_image] [author_info]Victor Miller is a writer contributing pieces to The Black Hat Tattoo. As a writer, he seeks to make sure his readers understand his topics by making sure the language he uses is appropriate and easy to digest. He supplements his writing by reading during his free time, or trying out creative writing.[/author_info] [/author] 

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