A star is born GEM

I was so inspired by a lot of great musicians when I was young. When I saw them achieving greatness, I was completely motivated to work hard as well. So now when I am in the spotlight, I make use of my influences and bring energy to my fans and "Get Everybody Moving” in finding their passions and chasing after their own dreams.This is difficult to answer, because there are so many aspects that contribute to my success...including my team who work with me on perfecting a track. But definitely, having the opportunities to learn to play the piano, drums, and guitar over all these years allows a lot more possibilities in my music.I couldn't imagine growing up any other way. I've been singing and playing music since I was 3 years old, and this is what I live for. Of course I love being an artist and the ability to have a voice that reaches and influences the world. But with fame, there comes a lot of responsibilities. It's a challenge to learn how to filter out different voices around you and stay focused on improving myself and my career every day.Get to know yourself better and always remember who you are. Do not try to fulfill everybody's expectations, always focus on what you are supposed to be doing.I think my team really helps me stay grounded and stay true to who I really am. My managers were the ones who discovered me, and really know me, so they help me stay humble and remember my roots. Because I am very hands-on with my music and career it's very hard for someone to compromise my beliefs. Working with such a close-knit team (my second family), who have been with me since day one, keeps things very simple and straight forward. My managers are with me for most of my business meetings as well and we discuss together what deals and partnerships really represent my brand and style.Just don't take it personally. There will always be two sides to everything—compliments & criticisms. The only thing you should be focused on is remembering why you are doing what you are doing. I think as long as your ultimate goal is to inspire, make the world a better place, and make beautiful music, there is really nothing to be scared or ashamed of.Having the chance to finish 73 shows during my X.X.X. Live Tour all over the world has been the best travel experience for me. It just doesn't feel like work at all, it is more like... your own culture & music has the capability to bring you to different places; this makes me really happy and proud.The whole experience broadens my horizon. Art and culture from different countries bring in new ideas and inspirations into my life, which is really important when it comes to creating my music. Traveling means exposing myself to new cultures and it empowers me; it gives me energy and makes me more courageous.My first bucket list item would be meeting penguins at the South Pole. The second would be watching northern lights in Finland; it would definitely be one of the most breath-taking experiences. Thirdly, I will definitely make sure that when I revisit Iceland, I will go with a diving license. Getting close to the nature and all these natural creations always makes me realize how big and amazing the world is and how small and irrelevant my problems are.Only invest your time and your effort in things that are making the world a better place.