SPARK CAMERA - 1 of IDEO's Latest

Raine Magazine: Please tell us about this new app you have out in iTunes.IDEO: You have popular applications such as Vine and Instagram, which possess fancier and more convoluted functions as compared to our application - Spark Camera. This is a concise and easily operable application for shooting mini-movies. The program’s aim is to make a straightforward app to shoot atmospheric, attractive shorts with a smartphone.Spark-Camera-2R: That sounds incredible. Can you tell us more about the app – pricing, length and what makes it different from other competitors?I: Well, not only is the app only $2 at the app store, it allows you to revisit and rework old clips at any time. It allows you to swap in a new filter, plug in a new tune, or replace a new bit of video into the sequence. Most apps such as Vine, not only doesn't allow you to revisit old videos, it immediately becomes a public ordeal.R: This would be an app that one can keep to him or herself individually? Without the general public or followers to gain access to?I: That is exactly what I’m saying. Instagram and Vine funnel your efforts onto their servers and onto the newsfeed of your friends right away whereas Spark stashes your videos safely on your camera roll. If you choose to share with your fellow peers, you can have the option to do so.R: IDEO - can you tell us more about your company?I: We are a design company who assists in the branding and design process of products, services, spaces and interactive experiences. We are here to help build creative culture and internal systems to sustain innovation and launch new ventures for budding entrepreneurs.R: Raine loves entrepreneur individuals. Your company, IDEO has it been featured or won any design awards?I: We are ranked as one of the most innovative companies by business leaders in the global survey by Boston Consulting Group. Ranked #10 on Fast Company’s list of the Top 25 Most Innovative Companies and awarded the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum’s Design Award for Product Design. We’re quite humbled by this all.

  • Design thinking is a human-centered approach to innovation that draws from the designer's toolkit to integrate the needs of people, the possibilities of technology, and the requirements for business success.” —Tim Brown, president and CEO

3R: Simply amazing. What else would you like to add about your latest product, the Spark Camera for our readers?I: Let us tell you how absolutely simple it is to use. You just press and hold anywhere to record, release to stop. Do this as many times as you’d like for multiple clips, adjust any frame of your clippings within your camera roll and create the best mini-movies to your liking. It gives you the same glorious one-finger movie making functionality and without any obligation to share when you’re all done. SPARK CAMERA TEASER:  PHOTO SOURCE: IDEO