Serenity in Martha’s Vineyard

Vacationing in the United States is the stress relief answer for hard working citizens that need a break from their occupations. During the year, cities such as Miami, Las Vegas, New York, Los Angeles, and Atlanta are the choice of vacation destinations for travelers seeking refuge. One place overlooked that many packed luggage bags migrate to is the island, Martha’s Vineyard, a place of temporary tranquility.Located in New England south of Cape Cod, Martha’s Vineyard is a very popular place of visit especially during the spring and summer season. Nicknamed “The Vineyard”, the island boasts many wonderful beaches with beach houses lined up available for rent. Each town on the island gives off the feeling of quiet summer days with residents enjoying the breeze by the waterfront. Edgartown is a popular neighborhood to stay for visitors as it features one the five lighthouses located on the island. A town tailored for those seeking a chance to sail, not only features pre-century homes but also the Harborview Hotel that many flock to for stay. Who wouldn’t want to stay in the same town where Jaws was filmed for nostalgic and bragging reasons?Those craving for a Red Lobster should be prepared for the greatest seafood experience of their life. With water and fisherman in close proximity, the island is cluttered with an assortment of seafood restaurants that are popular night spots for family dining. Buttered dripping fish steamed to perfection with a great side order of lobster rolls is a must have. The smell of clam chowder is distinct to the point that even walking a distance away from the restaurants one could point out. Savoring the splendid taste of the seafood experience, visitors can purchase eatery to cook at home. For starters visit Larsen's Fish Market. The quiet vibe of Martha’s Vineyard may be a change of scenery for those who vacate in big cities, but the summer holidays turn the island into a haven for those who want to party seaside style. Sailing, fishing, tanning, swimming . . . what more do you need for a vacation? 

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