Out & About with Raddar7 at the Cuckoo Club

Raine magazine was recently invited to RADDAR7’s party, hosted by Prince Cassius at the one and only Cuckoo Club.  Thursday 8th December gave attendees an icy but rain-free night as Mayfair glittered with festive embellishments. Late diners and wandering Night Owls looked over at the fashionable crowd gathered outside with restrained interest, as we waited (not so patiently) to enter. Anticipation sufficiently built, we were shown to the press wall where we posed with hair, makeup and get-up still intact at this point in the night.

The large room was soon filled with stylish characters who would have made street-style photographers risk getting run over to get a shot. This was a fashion crowd about to let its hair down, thanks to the luxury high street brand. As for the reason for the event, we were treated to glimpses of RADDAR7’s latest collection of leather jackets and t-shirts, being sported by a select few who wore them proudly, poured generously and danced liberally.

They were well chosen, as RADDAR7 is for the hedonists and the romantics. It’s a menswear brand with an aesthetic voice that is not so much Savile Row gent, as it is Soho Rogue. Cool, laid back yet simultaneously assertive, the garments stem from the creations of the rising artists they commission. In this way, each new collection has a different vision with the celebration of ever-expanding ideas from the imagination. Only the unconscious, elemental, natural and supernatural forms remain consistent.

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Founded in London, RADDAR7 creates wearable art that leaves a lasting impression with its contemporary metropolitan look. Working mostly with leather, quality and detail form key signatures for the brand. Their garments are produced ethically with industry leading standards in fabric, manufacture and printing. For the true non-conformist, it’s no surprise the Cuckoo Club was chosen as the venue for the party.

Comprised of two floors and several sections, it was hardly shocking to see members of the exclusive club emerge from various points and join the party in black tie. It seems the gentleman also likes to let loose; while a cummerbund doesn’t exactly lend itself to ‘throwing shapes,’ valiant attempts were made. With a full house of well-heeled partiers, the otherwise large room felt snug, the drinks were endlessly poured (and spilled) and the music blared too loud for conversation.

But then again we weren’t there to converse. We were there to have a good time, courtesy of RADDAR7.

Story by: Patricia Yaker Ekall

Photographer: David Jensen

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