Perry Reeves

You may recognize her from her reoccurring role on the hit HBO show Entourage, or alongside Will Ferrell in the comedy Old School. Perry Reeves has fulfilled a remarkable career as an actress. This year she has reprised the role as Ari Gold’s better half in Warner Brother’s film, Entourage. Reeves is also known for some memorable arcs on the crime shows Covert Affairs and Perception, where she shows a more dramatic side of her theatric talents.Aside from acting, it seems that Perry enjoys a much more relaxing hobby. She also owns and operates a sustainable yoga retreat in Costa Rica. The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a unique, boutique eco-conscious yoga retreat. It also serves as a yoga teacher’s training certification and wellness center in Costa Rica. The retreat is designed by yogis with the intention to commune with nature, practice yoga, contemplate, meditate, detox, and become balanced through a health and wellness yoga retreat vacation. Perry takes a moment to catch up with Raine.RAINE: You’ve played many diverse characters, what has been your favorite role and why?REEVES: Honestly, every time I have a job I think it’s my favorite role I’ve ever had! But I have to say, it’s a tie between Marisa in the movie Old School, and Mrs. Ari on the television show Entourage. I loved the subtle comedy that both those characters got to play.RAINE: Is there a creative process you undergo that helps you to develop your characters?REEVES: The preparation is one of the most fun parts of the whole process. I love to imagine their full lives, things they did in their past; little details like who was their first kiss or what did they wear to the prom. I love using my imagination to literally make up a person’s life.RAINE: Seeing as how your parents are academicians, were they surprised when you decided to not follow in their footsteps? REEVES: I have three other siblings and we all have freelance, creative jobs. I think my parents never really told us what direction our lives should go in. We had to figure i t о ut for ourselves!RAINE: What’s one piece of advice that has served you best in your career?REEVES: There’s no such thing as an overnight success.RAINE: Aside from acting, you are very passionate about yoga and operating your own yoga studio in Costa Rica. Any plans to open your doors here in the States?REEVES: The Sanctuary at Two Rivers is a yoga retreat center in Costa Rica. It’s a 40-acre, totally off the grid eco-vacation, with week-long programs that includes all meals, lodging and yoga classes. It’s like camp for adults. We are doing very well and who knows maybe one day we will find another location for a second Sanctuary.