Past Music Dream

The past glory days of listening to our favorite cassette tapes with our coveted self made mixes and albums . . . only a time machine could understand. Walking around with a vintage walkman to play those dust collected valuables (that we feel are of worth in our own mind) is something these days uncivilized unless you’re the avid retro hipster seeking to be different from the norm. But have no worry, our prayers have been answered so go searching for those tapes and break them out from retirement. The Super USB Cassette Capture Player is here.Created by Brando, the device turns our hopes and dreams into realities by having the functionality convert tapes in MP3s. Retailing for $26, the transform device can connect to hard drives with the USB cord, and then forth uploads the music from the tape into the drive allowing for MP3 conversion.Not only just for hard drives, the device allows you to transfer the cassette music onto CD’s, portable music players, and even allows for integration with the ITunes Music Library. If transferring the music onto other music players is not of interest, it also has the function of playback on large music outlets and systems.So to those who are in eager desire of getting those old mixes they created years ago on cassette tapes, you have a chance to relieve your once DJ memories. You can now blow the cob webs off of those lint attracting tapes, and now transfer the music on to your computer and portable music player. Parties are going to start sounding like its 1991 all over again. Let’s just hope the quality transfer is improved once the music is in MP3 format as some of these dates may date back a couple of decades ago. We know how old music on old platforms sounds like in today’s age, if this is fixed along with it the music format transfer . . . we have a winner.