Nolcha Fashion Week - TESS JOHNSON

Parson graduate Tess Johnson’s vision is create couture, glamorous, feminine awe-inspiring pieces. To project a sense of blasé yet prominent statement-wear. Her most recent showcase at Nolcha Fashion Week (this past September 11th) manifested such simplicity with key ardent accessories to sum up each look. Her collection framed each of the model's silhouettes perfectly, creating flattering walks radiating such grace. Her exploration with neutral and flaxen colors emerged her as a designer to be reckoned with. An ample amount of her inspiration is drawn from contradiction, a play between hard and soft or strong and subtle - that is where her true interest lies. And as her pieces came down the runway, assuredly her collection released that very veracity. As you can see in her most recent Spring/Summer 14 collection, she demonstrates a contemporary aesthetic towards her one-piece compositions with sincere prints.PBN_3751-s PBN_3812-sJohnson has had a featured mannequin display at Saks 5th Ave flagship store in the past as well as receiving a Swarovski sponsorship. Being drawn to prints, draping and glamour - she appreciates flowing garments with unique prints and gripping textures. Admiring the way fabric works with the shapes of body is her prerogative.PBN_3828-s PBN_3896-sGravitating towards minimalistic yet couture techniques and draping allowed her to trademark this approach. Further down from her collection, you can see the vibrance and saturated prints begin to progress from casual to dramatic. Generating a effortlessly collected, cool girl vibe from start to finish. Let's just say Johnson may be traveling with the minimalistic band this season, but she's certainly no groupie.PBN_3950-sTess Johnson after her Summer/Spring 14 runway at Nolcha Fashion Week, Sept 10th. PHOTO SOURCE: Nolcha Fashion Week Press Images // Paul Newman FashionStock