In God: An Autobiography

Dr. Jerry L. Martin was a lifelong agnostic. As a philosophy professor who also ran a federal agency, he studied the world around him but never included the idea of God or divine intervention. His naturalistic worldview had no place for a divine dimension of any kind. But suddenly, he had an occasion to pray. And to his astonishment, God responded. What follows is an engrossing conversation and a deeply philosophical exploration of the big questions of life, love, human destiny, and God.In God: An Autobiography, as Told To a Philosopher, Dr. Martin embarks on a fascinating journey, and through a series of stunning revelations, he discovers that God is not limited to one culture or religion. Each belief system is a different piece of the overall puzzle, one aspect of the journey to spiritual fulfillment.

“Making a decision to believe is not quite the same as accepting that belief in your bones. It is more like the first step toward believing,” says Dr. Martin. “Previously, the religious story was of a single tradition, and God’s revelations ended long ago. Now, there is a further dimension—the God of all traditions and all worlds—who is live and present and available to us still.”

With God: An Autobiography, Dr. Martin aims to tear down the old walls between religions by revealing to readers his eye-opening conversations with God -- and create a spiritual awakening for all.Dr. Jerry L. Martin has served as head of a federal agency, the National Endowment for the Humanities, and as chairman of the philosophy department at the University of Colorado at Boulder. In addition to scholarly articles, Dr. Martin is author or co-author of major reports that have been cited in hundreds of newspapers, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.Dr. Martin has been distinguished as an Andrew W. Mellon Congressional Fellow, among other honors, and has served as state President of the American Association of Professors and on the Governor’s Blue Ribbon Commission on Higher Education in Virginia. He is currently the coordinator of the “Theology Without Walls” project at the American Academy of Religion.God: An Autobiography will be available in hardback and e-book formats via online and brick-and-mortar book retailers throughout North America as of February 2016.