Impossible to Reproduce: Lou Roole Photography

“What I like about photographs is that they capture a moment that’s gone forever, impossible to reproduce.” – Karl Lagerfeld.Almost anyone can take great photographs. Just think about it, Instagram has produced a large number of self-proclaimed visionaries, and a little Photoshop can transform an average picture into something phenomenal. So we ask you, what does it take to go from an amateur to a real professional?image2Meet Lou Roole. In our opinion, he is the real deal. His images are capable of doing exactly what Lagerfeld believes they should do. That is, they capture a moment in time that is never to be repeated again. Furthermore, since Lou mainly focuses on photographing live subjects, many of his models see a side of themselves, they’ve never seen before through his images. So, yeah, that’s pretty awesome.ladyWhat makes Roole unique is his calm dedication to working continuously and relentlessly. Many of his pictures are rather amazing, but that’s not good enough for Lou, he strives to make them unforgettable. And since he’s not about fancy technology or opts for complicated digital editing, he relies on his own sense of composition and skills in the dark room to get the job done.louLou prefers to shoot in old school black and white, but his color photographs are nothing short of spectacular. When it comes to capturing bold, vibrant and evocative hues, he is simply the man. But his talents go far beyond color photography; it’s his ability to encapsulate the honest sensuality and unique essence of his subjects that distinguish him from other contemporaries., we sincerely believe his work needs to be shared.Image Source: Lou Roole