Hollywood's Trinity of Beauty

When it comes to beauty and style it is to Hollywood that we have turned for inspiration and imitation. Decades ago the term Hollywood glamour was born and it epitomized the thrill and extravagance of being beautiful in a world where a well maintained look may just be the key to your destiny. browsHollywood glamour is now a form all onto its own with the integration of definitive beauty and exposition. Everyone from Hollywood's elite to the rising stars of today adhere to a regimented devotion to the minutiae of daily maintenance with artful skill as even the most unassuming features are paid attention to with the same scrutiny as memorizing lines.lipsFrom having a full time beauty team for hair and nails to expert estheticians that fly around the world for their clients, it is no wonder that glamour has been defined by a world of the professionally well-coifed. However, underneath it all are some underlying aspects where elemental principles are laid out in a triumvirate of foundational beauty.Learn more about Hollywood's beauty tips in the latest issue of Raine Magazine: Hollywood and Glamour!Adapted by Liz Belilovskaya