Cutting-Edge: Google Does it Again!

The search and email behemoth Google has outdone themselves with their new project: Google Glass. These sleek pair of glasses will bring a world of technologies front and center, completely hands-free.This device lets you take a picture, record 720p video, send a message, and video chat all by voice command. While Glass is only supported by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, this revolutionary piece of technology will allow you to have directions right in front of you as you walk, ask for translations on the spot, and search anything your heart desires all by simply saying "Ok, glass." 

 This will all be shown on a display that Google claims is equal to a 25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away. Glass will also provide 12GB of usable cloud storage to make sure you can capture anything and everything without running out of room. The Android-powered machine will also use Bone Construction Transducers to replace earphones altogether. This transducer system takes vibrations from the wearer and translate that into audio, without vibrating the wearer. Glass boasts of a day's use of battery life and comes in five different colors, as well as versions that accommodate consumers with glasses. 

 Google recently picked five winners to trial Glass before it hits the market, and has shipped out the first batch to developers today. While there is yet a set release date or price, Google looks to release Glass in time for the Holiday season. Writer Source: Joshua KimPhoto Source: GettyImages, TheTechBlock