What Are You Waiting For? Get To Poken!

Do remember the "Slinky" - the wonderful simple toy that kids use to play with for hours of fun? Well, now there's the Poken. The Poken is a simple wonderful tech toy that adults can use for hours of fun.Screen Shot 2013-06-03 at 12.38.53 PM This little gadget however is far from a metal coil that just bounces down your living room staircase. This unique piece of technology is a digital device that allows you to collect people and things with a simple touch. It's quite amazing actually. Functionally, the Poken device doubles as a two way memory flash drive that not only permits you to store files from your desktop, it allows you to capture information from other Pokens and even Poken Tags (think QR Codes on Steroids!).2013-05-31-BRND_spark_printbee_confexternal.jpeg2013-05-31-SmileOrangeV2_poken.jpeg How does it do this you ask? Well, with NFC technology of course.NFC (near field communication) is a short range wireless technology that enables two devices to securely exchange small amounts of information when placed a few centimeter from each other - or close enough to touch. The Poken uses the NFC technology in its Poken devices, Apps and Tags. It creates a new and exciting way to gather and share data. 2013-05-31-IndianaState_pokenBillboard.jpeg2013-05-31-BRND_spark_printpanda_confexternal.jpeg Raine Magazine discovered the Poken a few years ago when it was still primarily an overseas product. In the past couple of years, Poken has made major headway in the US market as a "can't live without" value add experience at events, tradeshows, and conferences. Those that use the Poken can view all the information they've collected in a personal online hub that displays their data on a timeline where they can visualize all the people and things they've collected along the way. With such a cool gadget, Poken will be the newest craze. Don't be surprised the next time you are at an event and some asks - "Can I Poken You?"Photos courtesy Poken