Forever Young? The CryoEmpire Experience

The songwriter declared, “Let us stay young and let us live forever; I want to be forever, forever young.” – Mr. Hudson. In an age that portrays eternal youth and longevity the ticking clock known as time has reset our lives for years to come. The term as ‘old as you feel’ is being taken into context rather than a vague statement to avoid the inevitable, cringe-worthy truth of aging; being 30 years old is now the new 20 and being 50 is the new 30. Intriguing to say the least of the nonstop gimmicks the beauty/health and wellness industries conjure up to enable that ‘youthful glow’ and forego the vanity affair of the nip & tuck phenomenon.CryoEmpire is no gimmick, instead, ‘the wave of the future.’ Yes, 9 out of 10 times you’ve probably heard those exact words reaggregated to you through an infomercial or on the back of an anti-aging cream in your local drugstore, but this is an experience worth trying time and time again. CryoEmpire is a rejuvenation center grounded in health, wellness, and beauty. Founded by Arty Perlov and Dasha Varshavskiand in 2017 with a common denominator – “to build a rejuvenation center, where anti-aging services are paired with cutting-edge technologies, to promote healing and lasting health.” Located in Midtown Manhattan, New York City the CryoEmpire experience allows clients to escape the hustle and bustle of the city that never sleeps and enter an oasis of tranquility devoted to beauty, performance, and recovery.
Think of this as your home away from home, a retreat and day spa to luxuriate in the simple pleasures life has to offer, all the while allowing your body to release, rejuvenate, and recover. Upon your arrival, you enter into what seems like a minimalist’s dream of high ceilings and a monotone color pallet including white, ivory, cream, gold finishing, and a ting of grey. Its aesthetically pleasing to say the least showcasing that in décor, less is more creating a Zen-like environment. The premier destination for all recovery and performance shown through a passage of several rooms, each room dedicated to a particular treatment/produce that is nonsurgical and noninvasive. CryoEmpire is an ‘adult candy shop,’ a hub for wellness but also buzzing, trending, and the future of rejuvenation and recovery.We spoke with Co-Founder and Marketing Director Arty Perlov to attain a better understanding of the CryoEmpire experience:RAINE: We at RAINE pride ourselves on the establishment of entrepreneurs, creatives, and movers and shakers within the industry. What propelled you forward to create the CryoEmpire Rejuvenation Center?PERLOV: In two words - LeBron James. Let me explain. I’ve always been a diehard basketball fan. LeBron was my hero. I studied him, looked up to him; he fascinated me. To me, he is a unique specimen of pure talent, resilience, strength, and power. What is equally incredible is his longevity in the NBA, his endurance and the fact he has never been injured. Why?? Well, I believe that he found his edge through a preventative regiment that incorporated whole body cryotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen, and leg compression boots. I learned that about him and said to myself “Gee, I want to open a center that benefits all people: from everyday warrior to the superstar performer, regardless of the industry whether it is entertainment, sports, etc. And so here we are… he was my foundation. The rest is history!RAINE: CryoEmpire is the wave of the future regarding health and wellness rejuvenation; can you explain what this means and how this sets you apart from other Cryotherapy facilities?PERLOV: Everything we do here at CryoEmpire is to reduce inflammation, detoxify the body, improve cell oxygenation, increase circulation and enhance beauty along the way. Beauty is essential; it’s how we see ourselves, how others perceive us. Regarding health, most of the disease consists of inflammation. It may be in your arteries if you have damaged vasculature, you may have eczema if it’s in your skin, celiac if it is in your gut, etc. We try to do prevention through cryotherapy, which decreases inflammation; vitamin IV drips that reduce free radicals; hyperbaric oxygen chamber that increases cells oxygenation levels, recovery boots that promotes healthy circulation, gets rid of lactic acid build up, etc. It was vital for us NOT to build another Cryo place, but an oasis.We searched tirelessly for services that were innovative and most importantly -effective. Once we learned the science of each service we picked, we grouped them into the three main categories: Beauty, Performance, and Recovery. And now, hosted in a state of the art center on Fifth Ave, you can come in, put on our luxurious, branded robe to relax and feel good. Our clients often tell us that they don’t want to leave!RAINE: CryoEmpire has been in business for less than a year with the likes of models, actresses, Olympic athletes and Broadway stars lending themselves to the “hub of wellness.” What has accredited to what looks like an overnight success and sensation?PERLOV: Well, a lot of hard work - that’s for sure! We were lucky to secure a prime location, right in the mecca of NYC. With neighbors such as Madison Square Garden, Grand Central, the Broadway theater district, Rockefeller Center - they all contributed to the convenience of curious stars and elite. My partners come from health-related industries; we were fortunate to accumulate an incredible network of friends and contacts over the years that we hosted here at our center, who in return referred their friends and colleagues. They indeed helped us to spread the first word, once they tried our services. Then the bloggers and influencers came. Then, the actors, athletes and alike.RAINE: Content creators and “influencers” with a significant online presence have become a quick and fascinating pool of engagement for brands and companies. How do you feel about this phenomenon, and are you willing part-take in the collaborative incentive?PERLOV: We embraced it! You know change is an inevitable part of life, and clearly, with all the new social media platforms marketing strategies changed dramatically over the last five to ten years. If you don’t keep up it with it, one can drown. So, we love to collaborate and cross-market with the bloggers and the influencers. We don’t know what the future holds but we know that this is the present and there is nothing like living in the moment and embracing the present.RAINE: Can you explain CryoEmpire in (3) choice words?PERLOV: Innovative. Effective. Luxurious. -Or - Freeze Your Youth.RAINE: Where do you foresee the business within the next five years? Do you wish to expand outside of New York or internationally?PERLOV: CryoEmpire is looking to grow and to expand to principal cities such as Miami, LA, and then eventually overseas to London, Paris, Milan, etc.RAINE: What do you want your clients to take away from their experience at CryoEmpire?PERLOV: It is now possible to take control of your health and wellness, and not succumb to what our genes dictate. Be your own health hero. Prevention is a key, and that alternative treatments such as cryotherapy for pain and inflammation will prove to play a significant role, especially now in light of this country's opioid crisis.RAINE: You were once an entrepreneur with only a dream and vision to create your own company; what advice would you give a future leader in establishing a well-rounded tech startup as yourself?PERLOV: First of all, surround yourself with the right team. One person can’t know everything and do it all. Let people that are more experienced take the reins when need be. Secondly, research every piece of your equipment/technology tirelessly to make sure its top of the line and that it’s effective. Demand protocols and studies for backup. Finally, you have to try everything for yourself. You are the best spokesperson for your brand. I can’t tell you how many times a day I am asked “Do you do it yourself? How often?” Clients often sense when you are genuine.RAINE: Inquiring minds want to know – what’s next on the agenda for CryoEmpire, but without giving too much away, can we get the inside scoop on your next venture for the health and wellness facility?PERLOV: We are looking to collaborate with big brands such as hotels, sports, and entertainment agencies to be the hub for people that appreciate and invest in their health, their wellness. “Freeze your youth!” is our slogan and we are doing just that.
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