Does the Fashion Industry Encourage Copying?

In the fifth episode of season one of the 2008 NBC television series Lipstick Jungle - a rival designer Ricardo Bragini copies Victoria Ford's fashion designs and sells them under his brand name? Although Victoria is furious, she does not sue. Why?desktopWell, under current copyright law, apparel, footwear and even handbag designs can be copied for the most part because they are considered "useful articles" as distinct from works of art. In fact, many designers readily admit to researching the fashion archives of others for "inspiration". It is no secret that Yves Saint Laurent got his first design job at Christian Dior because he was able to copy Dior's sketches to perfection.It's your creativity: protect it, promote it, and preserve it. Learn how in the latest issue of Raine Magazine: Hollywood and Glamour!Adapted by Liz Belilovskaya