Discreetly Carry a Pair with Urban Undercover

Cute, comfortable and stylish are just a few words that will come to mind when you think about Urban Undercover. The only underwear with a pocket, that allows you to conveniently stow away a spare pair wherever you go!New ImageUrban Undercover, like most great inventions, was born of need. Realizing that there were few options for women who lead busy lives, inventor and founder, Sairey Gernes, created her first pair of friendly underwear that didn't sacrifice style or comfort.

image 3 (1)Keeping with their goal to create a simple yet beautiful product, Urban Undercover is designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes in three beautiful styles using the finest fabrics and laces available.  What sets Urban Undercover a part from the crowd is that they aren't just underwear--they are convertible garments that neatly fold into themselves to form a pouch. These undies aim to do a vanishing act to stowaway your unmentionables, discreetly and conveniently on the busy road to your life.

So what are you waiting for? Get a pair of these innovative undies from Urban Undercover. We are sure your on-the-go lifestyle will thank you for this new alternative to an old idea.

Source: Urban Undercover

Picture Source: Urban Undercover