Digital Security as Easy as Nymi Band

If you are conscious about the privacy of your sensitive information like we are, the Nymi Band by Bionym will amaze and astound you.

Nymi Band is wearable technology that aims to help take back the time you spend being harassed by a barrage of prompts, passwords, and secret pin numbers you can never remember. The device monitors and understands the unique signature of your cardiac rhythm.  With that in mind, Nymi puts you in control of your digital identity and keeps your private information where it belongs-with you.

Bionym_Nymi_hand_authenticatedBy using sensors that are embedded in the device, the Nymi Band “knows” who you are and is able to authenticate your identity. It then uses Bluetooth technology to communicate your identity to your devices, allowing you to bypass the endless stream of logins you're accustomed to. Your tech-world has become personal again, without trying to rememorize a list of passwords you've hidden  away.

Bionym_Nymi_colors_stackedThe use of this technology is innovative and its application toward your digital life and beyond is endless. Imagine a day where you can get rid of all those passwords and simply let your heart do the talking for you. With Nymi Band your life just got a whole lot easier.