Creating a New Movement in Entrepreneurism : Meet Patti DeSante

The last decade has seen a growing number of individuals leave the corporate world to follow their passion. One striking example is Patti DeSante. At the pinnacle of her career, she walked away to launch her company, and then 13 years later made the life-altering decision to embrace a Zen Chaplaincy and Ujamaah. Ujamaah is a conscious business working to create Dream Spaces in developing counties that would utilize tools such as indigenous Hip Hop to ignite each person's entrepreneurial spirit. The goal - to resource, re-energize and re-route the story of development.desanteOn June 15th, DeSante launched "InspiredDrive" to generate seed capital for her work. Accompanied by a Hip Hop artist and a Molecular Biologist, the tour will feature dynamic interviews with individuals on how being engaged with something you love can transform your life.To find out more about DeSante and her InspiredDrive tour, check out the summer issue of Raine Magazine.Adapted by Liz Belilovskaya