Crazy for Playas del Coco and the Rancho Armadillo Estate

Ask anyone who’s been to Costa Rica about it and you’ll get so many positive responses that it will be difficult to think of the country as anything other than a miracle of nature. And it is. Its lush rain forests and majestic landscapes are truly breathtaking, and the oceans that surround it (Atlantic and Pacific) are different, but awe inducing nonetheless.viewIf you decide to venture out and explore this amazing country, may we suggest paying a visit to Playas del Coco on the Pacific Coast? It is simply incredible. Located in the Guanacaste Province of Costa Rica, it is one of the oldest beach communities in the land. Typically that means two things: either the area is fairly developed due to the duration of its existence, or it is so spectacular that people don’t ever want to leave. In this instance, it’s both.3The appeal of it is very clear; within a 10-mile radius visitors can find different types of beaches, endless attractions and excellent cuisine without having to use Google Maps. Now that’s saying something. But where does one stay while exploring paradise? We recommend booking s few nights at the Rancho Armadillo Estate.2The coolest aspect of is that it’s simple. Situated on 25 acres and enveloped by miles of undeveloped jungle, the hotel is surrounded by diverse (and mainly harmless) wildlife. For instance, you’ll probably come across about 50 different types of birds, a few mischievous monkeys, crazy colorful iguanas, some cute fox’s and possibly mountain deer, all of which are basically speaking, in your backyard.view1If and when you want to go out and explore, the hotel will help you book almost any adventure you want, whether that means snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving, touring volcanos, partaking in multiple adventure outings, zip lining, horseback riding, mud baths or anything else we failed to mention. The possibilities, as they say, are endless.4And there are even choices for devoted beach bunnies. Playas del Coco features 3 contrastive types; each has different sand. It’s actually pretty impressive if you think about it. One beach has black sand; its color is due to the obsidian ash that shot out of nearby volcano’s many years back. The next one has a black and white color scheme due to the same reason, while the third one has beautiful white sand sprawling for miles on end.So there you have it, Costa Rica, and more specifically Playas del Coco, is the place to be!Photo Source: