Autumn is sadly over, but the warmer season is around the corner which brings us closer to the spring television lineup. Everyone loves a good mystery and ABC is serving up a juicy one called “Resurrection.”Screencap 2Set in Arcadia, Missouri, the series follows a number of loved ones resurrecting from the grave. The pilot stars a young boy named Jacob waking up in rural China amongst rice paddies greeted by a yak and a blindingly beautiful sunrise. Discovered by the authorities, he draws on a touch screen phone that he belongs in Arcadia. Led by an immigration agent, the boy is driven back to his childhood home to be greeted by an elderly couple. Apparently, the elderly couple, Lucille and Harold Garland, did have a son who died 30 years before and was presumed to be deceased; however when Jacob sees Harold, he greets him with a joke that was told to him by the man which makes Jacob realize that it is his father.How the boy survived and did not age a single day is truly a mystery that we cannot wait to delve into and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Be prepared for drama, tears, some serious talent from rising star Landon Gimenez (playing Jacob), Kurtwood Smith (playing Harold), and producing from notable names like Dede Gardner (12 Years a Slave, World War Z) and Brad Pitt.,; Image Source: