On November 12, 2018 the FIAF hosted their annual Trophee des Arts Gala at The Plaza Hotel to raise vital funds to support the organization’s innovative programs, which explore the evolving diversity and richness of French cultures through education and the arts. FIAF...

Escape, Explore and More at Baron’s Cove

Travel close, discover more– often beckons the term ‘staycation,’ an escape of everyday, mundane life as one adventures to a nearby destination. A sense of wanderlust suddenly takes over as an exploration of mind, body, and soul begins. We’ve ventured to the Hamptons...

The Vocabulary of Music Through ‘Le Voyage De Babar’

Music to your ears– the conceptual aspect of music is a complex one which lies within a multitude of elements; its beat, harmony, rhythm, sound, tempo, and response reflects expression in its purest form. The word ‘response’ alludes to the listener, audience, and the...

A Royal Engagement at the Baccarat Hotel

The British are coming; the British are coming! On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle joined hands in Holy Matrimony at Windsor Castle. It was a royal affair as two cultures became one. A world-wide event as onlookers sat at the edge of their seats...

Detours, Discoveries, and Delight at Scribner’s Catskill Lodge

We often find ourselves at a cross-road with life, the same patterned routine or juggling act trying to find that perfect balance between work and play. No one is more familiar with this daunting reality than a New Yorker city native. It’s around this time of year...

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