Belly dance is one of the fastest growing dance forms across the globe, which means there are hundreds upon hundreds of individuals who are fairly good at it, but few are as exceptional as Mira Betz. As one of the most sought after belly dancers, performers, choreographers and instructors in the world, she is renowned for her technique, grace and limitless talent. Never mind that she’s also ridiculously gorgeous.

mira betz

For twenty years, Mira relentlessly dedicated her heart and soul towards mastering of her craft; needless to say, her efforts have brought her much success. Not only is she a highly reputable influencer in her field, she is also an artistic entrepreneur, being a founding member, choreographer, and solo performer of Aywah! Ethnic Dance Company under the direction of Katarina Burda. It heavily influenced the popularity and distribution of Fusion Tribal Belly Dance over the last decade.

Mira Betz

Her entrepreneurship ventures continued with the co-founding of the Barbary Coast Shakedown, a collaborative project between 120+ professional Middle Eastern performers eager to explore, and possibly fuse, belly dance with contemporary and theatrical dance. As a result of both, her business ventures and professional aptitude, Mira often tours the world teaching and performing at some of the most prestigious venues around.

Mira Betz

It is because of dancers like Mira that belly dance is one of the fastest growing art forms around. It’s expanding popularity led to major “how-to” websites to incorporate instructional content to their repertoire.  Check out Howcast’s instructional videos featuring Irina Akulenko, or follow WikiHow’s various tutorials, it will take years of practice to become the next Mira Betz.

Mira Betz - Aywah

Photo Source: Mira Mania

Writer Source: Mira Mania, Howcast, WikiHow, Liz Belilovskaya

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