Throughout elementary school, Evan Sebastian Lagache took to the arts. He grew up surrounded with creative people from all artistic genres yet demonstrated a unique viewpoint where he found his sense of calm. 20 Under 20, Younger Than Rimbaud at the Elga Wimmer PCC marks his debut show in Chelsea for this young artist who has shown exceptional creative skills and art exhibitions since age four. He was in View From Within last month at The Mark Borghi Gallery on the Upper East Side also currently at The Cupping Room. To master a craft by training, margins are set and growth is measured yet Mr. Lagache honed his own artistic talents throughout two decades.

Evan Sebastian Lagache was accepted from over 4000 students to earn leading roles in the drama department at the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts. A creative developmental school built and frequented by Tony Bennett and his wife. Mr. Lagache was surrounded by top musicians as Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney, and actors Kevin Spacey and Alec Baldwin to name a few. His passion was collecting material from the street and painting them. Doors, windows, skateboards and tables became his base for design.

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