When people shop for dresses, it usually depends on the style and the price. If a dress has a style suited for their preference and is within their price point, people would immediately purchase the dress. However, these two shouldn’t be your only factors when purchasing a dress. In fact, your choices should also be dependent on your body shape. Keep in mind that everybody is unique and a dress that looks good on your friends, might work on you or vice versa. To ensure that your dress will only bring out the best of you, consider these tips in choosing the perfect dress for your body shape:

1. If you have a circular body type: One of the most obvious characteristics of a circular body type is having the tendency to gain weight particularly in your middle section. This can make you become more conscious in your tummy area. Additionally, a circular body type tends to have narrow ankles and wrists and a higher waist. If you think your body falls into this category, take note of the following style tips:

● Your goal when choosing a dress is to highlight your ankles and wrists as these could be two of your best features.

● Opt to purchase dresses with ruching in the torso area as these are not only very comfortable but these can also flatter the definition of your figure.

● An empire waist dress without the pleats can float over your tummy area (hiding your insecurities) and define the narrowest part of your torso.

● Since you want to show off your shapely legs, look for short dresses.

● A dress which has a round or V-shaped neckline will look good on you.

● You can also wear dresses which are sleeveless to draw attention to your arms.

● An A-line dress, straight dress, shirt dress, and wrap dress are excellent options for your body type.

2. If you have an hourglass body figure: Many people consider an hourglass figure as the “perfect” body figure for women. Similar to how an hourglass looks like, this body figure has the ratio of wide:narrow:wide – wider bust, narrow waist and wide hip. Take your tape measure and check if your body measurements can be considered as an hourglass figure. If it does, the tips below can be helpful for you:

● When you have an hourglass body figure, your dresses should emphasize the waist and the chest since these two are your best features.

● You can wear any dress which has either a V-shaped or round neckline.

● For the sleeves, look for Raglan sleeves in different lengths. These will accentuate the upper portions of your body.

● As for the length, dresses which are to the middle of your knees work best on you.

● An A-line dress, baby doll dress, tube dress and sheath dress will look good with an hourglass body figure.

3. If you have an upturned triangle body type: An upturned triangle body type has hips that are narrower than your shoulders. The main defining feature of your body type is the different proportions of your hips and shoulders. Your waist can also be a bit straighter when you have an upturned triangle body type. Most of the time, people with this body type has well-endowed body proportions. An upturned triangle body type will find these tips useful when looking for a perfect dress for them:

● When you have this body type, your goal should be about bringing attention to your hips while reducing the size of your upper body.

● Keeping your dress slim in the hip area can also do wonders for you as this can create definition and curve, creating visual balance in your shape.

● You can still wear clothing details such as patterns and ruffles as long as it’s not placed in the shoulder area.

● A dress which has an asymmetric or V-shaped neckline are excellent options for your dress styles.

● Your dress should have a narrow and simple sleeve. Again, you don’t want to draw attention to your shoulder area.

● Dresses which are knee length or higher will look good in this body type.

● Shop for straight dresses, bodycon dresses, basque dresses, shirt dresses and wrap dresses if you have an upturned triangle body type. These styles will highlight your hips.

4. If you have a triangle body type: People who have a triangle body shape may consider the upper part of their body as their favorite. Their shoulders are usually narrower than the widest part of their hips. And since people with this body type usually gain weight in the hip area, they can become self-conscious of their hips and their bottom. If you see yourself guilty in any of these, you might have a triangle body type. Use the tips below when choosing the perfect dress apt for your body type:

● With this body type, you would want to bring attention to your upper body especially areas around the waist and the shoulders.

● You can wear anything that’s fitted in the waist area.

● Design elements like pockets and patterns should be in different areas of the dress other than the hips.

● Open shoulders, boat-shaped and round neckline will work best with this body type.

● As for the sleeves, look for dresses which are voluminous. These are sleeves which are wing-shaped.

● Your dress length should reach the knees or even lower.

● A dress with a raised waist, an A-line dress, baby doll dress and shirt dress are some of the most suitable styles for a triangle body shape.

Uniqueness Is Beautiful

Your body type might not be the same as your favorite celebrity’s, but there are many ways on how you can still look good in a dress. Start by determining what your body type is, and the search for finding the perfect dress will come off easier! You can look good and feel great once you end up buying the perfect dress for your body type. And regardless of the body type you have, you can surely find dresses from Ezibuy that will suit your needs, style, body shape and budget.


Andrea is an aspiring fashion designer who loves designing women’s fashion and wedding dresses. She loves reading fashion magazines and enjoys writing about her passion. She currently writes for ezibuy.com and one day hopes to have her own fashion line.

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