These dancers and the brains behind them make any music concert more lively and exciting.
The Painted Ladies
When Grace Mayer was just three years old, her mom left her alone in the kitchen with some finger paint to occupy herself while she took a shower. Many three year olds might paint the kitchen wall, the table,or a coloring book. When Grace’s mom came back, she found her toddler stripped down and covered head to toe in “warrior princess” designs. Mayer says “I was enchantingly intrigued by the idea that you could put artwork on your actual body, and it could physically become a part of you.”That moment would end up defining the life of that little girl covered in bright paint. A lifetime of skin doodles and flesh as canvas would culminate into a fascinating and intricate color combination of beauty, sensuality, and music.

Mayer is the woman behind Tallahassee’s Painted Ladies, who perform at Electronic Dance Music (EDM) shows in north Florida. She started off painting just her two best friends, fully nude in just pasties and underwear for local events and music performances in the Tallahassee area. Mayer’s business got bigger than what she and her best friends ever imagined. “I never thought it could be anything more than just a fun thing to do once in a while on the weekend and maybe get into a concert for free. I was just so proud and happy that people were positively recognizing my artwork and encouraging it.”

Now, to clarify, these painted ladies aren’t erotic dancers- most are just enthusiastic regulars at clubs or concerts who just want to be involved. Mayer works with each girl individually to come up with creative designs and themes that make each girl feel comfortable and beautiful in her own paint-covered skin. For inspiration, Mayer turns to artists such as HolgerTruelzsch, Peter Max, Wes Wilson, and Gustav Klimt, as well as 1960’s go-go dancers and mother nature. Mayer grew up surfing, so her work incorporates the flowing structure of leaves and intricate patterns.

Info source: Kat Bein from Fresh Wet Paint

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