What does it take to make wonderful wine? Honestly, we don’t know, but we know of someone who does. The creators of McCall Wines –  hailing all the way from North Fork, Long Island – are what we call “experts”.  Around since the 1990’s, but really breaking ground since 2007, the McCalls have perfected the art of making delicious Pinot Noir and tasty Merlot. It’s difficult to leave their tasting events without taking home half of the merchandise with you.


Why 2007? The fact is, making good wine is a difficult process. First there is the actual planting and growing of the grapes. Collecting those and properly fermenting them is not an easy task to manage without a bit of time filled with trail and error during the learning curve. The McCalls knew this to be true when they started the business endeavor, but unlike many other wine makers they took the time to hone their craft. Inspired by the French, McCall Wines follow the winemaking blueprint laid out by the world-renowned wine masters before them. The results have been amazingly pleasing and downright delicious.


Wine tastings take place in an cozy rustic potato barn situated on the beautiful McCall farm. It was previously used as a horse stable, but don’t worry, there’s no trace of this fact in the taste of the wine. Tasting sessions are usually held between noon and 5:30 pm, so that at the very least visitors can fight the temptation of “sampling” all day by starting early in the morning. We would say that was a socially responsible decision by the McCalls as the wine is seductive and the scenery is beautiful making for a great drinking atmosphere.


While you’re there, ask the McCalls about the history of their farm as well as the history of the region. You may be very surprised by what you hear and how far it actually goes. And don’t forget to check out the ranch, these animals are well taken care of! Happy drinking dear friends, and bottoms up.

ranch 2

Image and Info Source: mccallwines.com

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