Why park your car in the garage, when you can drive it straight into your living room? French automobile manufacturer Groupe Renault, has seen the car of the future, and it’s place is not in the garage, but as the centerpiece to your house. The new Renault Symbioz is the sleek, self driving, Jetson esque vehicle that is raising the bar for the future of the auto universe. The company took inspiration from architecture and home interiors when designing the car. The demo vehicle debuted at the 2017 Frankfurt Auto show, alongside a futuristic house that is designed to house, maneuver and power the vehicle.

The Symbioz is a fully autonomous machine, with the option to switch between manual and self driving mode at the push of a button. The Symbioz is a sleek, shiny work of art on wheels, outfitted with a wood, marble and porcelain interior, designed to seamlessly blend with the interior of the concept house the car belongs to. The seats have a 180 degree range of movement, to allow for an entirely new self driving experience. One version of the car allows for the driver to choose from a number of seating modes while the car is in self driving mode. The driver may recline in zero gravity position, or move closer to the passenger side. Another model features small touchscreens in the seat belts, where passengers can adjust temperature and entertainment functions. A fully glass sunroof creates the illusion of a larger space, and means every route is the scenic route.

The Symbioz’s self driving technology is a Level 4 autonomy, which means the car handles all aspects of driving, from changing lanes, to merging, stopping and turning. If for any reason the car is unable to handle the situation it is in, the car will navigate to a safe stopping place on the side of the road.

In this car, Renault paints a picture of a future in which car and house coexist to create a model for sustainable living. The car draws power from the house, and the house, in a power crisis, can use the car as an external generator. Though the Symbioz and it’s matching house are merely a beautiful dream now, Renault has unveiled a demo car, which they plan to put into production by 2023.



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