She’s the woman who left us at the edge of our seats, before Fifty Shades of Grey that is… in the almost too hot to handle romantic drama, Addiction. She sent us through a world wind of emotions starring in Tyler Perry’s Why Did I Get Married?, Why Did I Get Married Too?, as well as This Christmas.

However, Leal is best known for her role in Dream Girls alongside Beyoncé Knowles, Jennifer Hudson, Eddie Murphy and Jamie Foxx. The multi-talented Sharon Leal is an actress, dancer, singer, but first and foremost, a mother. Leal prides herself in being a good mother to her young son, wanting to leave behind a legacy and positive pathway for him to one day follow. With a slew of accolades behind her from the Screen Actors Guild awards, to the Broadcasting Film Critics Association, she is doing just that and so much more.1cc-JWalton-Sharon-Leal-115Never one to settle, Leal continues to push the envelope as she stars in the upcoming film, 1982, which sparked her interest due to the impact of drugs and hardship her character has to go through -in contrast to the glamorous characters she is often known to play.Sharon Leal 7RAINE: As a multi-disciplined entrepreneur, how do you balance two very demanding careers?
LEAL: Well, I think the reality is I haven’t balanced it yet. I started on broadway and musical theater and started off singing and then became an actor, while letting the singing part fall by the wayside. In the last year, I made a conscious decision to get in the studio to write and record. Right now, I am hopping back into that musical space and really enjoying it!

RAINE: What do you hope to achieve as an emerging artist in the music industry?
LEAL: I just want to write and sing and put these songs out there. I want to utilize what I have. It’s more about finding an outlet and just presenting and not for any specific goal in mind but to share and it’s as simple as that.

RAINE: What are two pieces of advice that you would give to other aspiring entrepreneurs?
LEAL: One thing that someone told me a few years ago – we get really distracted by other people’s paths and you have to be very succinct and clear about what you want to do and focus on your path. Sometimes you can look outside your own path and get discouraged and be unhappy. Also, making a daily move towards the end goal with the intention for the end goal. It sounds so simple but its difficult.


Images courtesy of Sharon Leal

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