The Orah 41 is the most easy-to-use camera available right now for live streaming high quality VR / 360 video. With just an internet connection and a smartphone, anyone can start streaming live in 360 to YouTube, Facebook or Twitter using the Orah 41. This is the first live VR /360 camera of this quality (4k) available at an accessible price point. At $3,595 it makes it much easier for professionals to purchase and create VR and 360 content. In comparison to other options, this is the best camera for anyone who wants to live stream events such as music concerts, sports events, news/conferences and entertainment in a professional manner. Orah 41 is the preferred choice of many major brands for live streaming key events in VR / 360, including Intel, CNET, Sony Crackle, Google, Lucky Strike Entertainment, and many more.



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