Astro is the world’s only true “pure audio” portable speaker. While all other portable speakers digitally change the song to fit the speaker, the team behind Astro has changed the speaker to fit the song. Astro uses hardware instead of software to control volume distortion, so that you can enjoy your favorite music in its purest form. With Astro, there was no need to overcomplicate the design; it’s all about producing the best sounds you’ll ever hear with a beautiful, minimalist approach.

Astro only comes with an “On/Off” button because that’s all you’ll need. You control everything from volume to song selection through your devices anything that has Bluetooth is compatible with Astro! Android phones, iPhones, tablets or computers if it has Bluetooth, you’ll be able to enjoy the beauty of the sound and the system.


  • Bluetooth
  • On/Off button
  • Works with Android phones, iPhones, tablets, computers or any device with Bluetooth
  • Listen to Spotify, Pandora, iTunes, YouTube, iHeartRadio and much more
  • Up to 16 hours of play time on single battery charge, and it only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge
  • Get up to 66 feet of wireless range
  • Includes loop for carrying or hanging


Astro is as simple as it looks. Each speaker comes with a charging and auxiliary cord because that’s all you’ll need!

You can either use the auxiliary cord to play your music or just push the button on top to turn it on and connect it with your devices’ Bluetooth. That’s all there is to it!



Shooz is the World’s First Modular-tech Travel Shoe, developed with an innovative patented design and the highest quality materials to create a customizable, zippable shoe that’s perfect for traveling. Choose the desired sole to go with the Shooz skin of choice and use the ergonomic, custom zipper to create shoes unique to your readers for any occasion. Skins take less space than a t-shirts and can be packed flat to fit in any bag making Shooz the perfect travel shoe.

Ideal also for the urban explorers, your readers head to work with a classic pair of wingtips, change into running shoes for an afternoon jog and then slip into a pair of moccasins for a casual night out. With Shooz, we’ve refined all of these shoes and turned them into one stylish, interchangeable design.

Edoardo lannuzzi, founder and designer of Shooz explains the concept “I’m a designer and I consult clients all over the world mainly for fashion products and branding. I travel very frequently and only with hand-luggage and I like to be always stylish and ready for business meetings but also for sport and leisure, which is why I created Shooz. I’ll wear a pair at my feet and bring my Shooz skins flat in my suitcase with each of them taking the space of a t-shirt, this way i can be ready for any occasion and yet travel light and compact.”

As far as development goes, no detail has gone unnoticed, each pair is made in Italy with top-of-the-line, quality materials including Italian leather, bio- cotton, an anti-shock sole and an Aquaguard waterproof zipper that protects the interior of the shoe from water and humidity.

Launched through a successful crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter which raised $106k in November 2015, Shooz is now looking forward to the opening of its e-commerce platform at


BOLT is what we call a Wearable. It is fashionable bracelet crafted in genuine leather with different finishes on its clasps such as 18K Gold, Silver or black Rhodium. Once open, BOLT turns into your Apple Lightning cable allowing its User to sync and/or charge any of your Apple mobile devices compatible with the Lightning port.

Now that we established what it is and what BOLT does, it is generally accepted that we created an innovative product;

But BOLT is innovative not because of the nature of the technology; the true origin of its innovation is based on the dissimulation of its technological nature into a fashionable accessory which does not convey or suggest that it is a technological product.

This may sound contradictory but the main reason why BOLT has been so commonly accepted by consumers regardless of their age, gender, culture etc. is because the BOLT bracelets do not create an identity fracture in their everyday lives. To the contrary, BOLT is successful because it fully integrates, if not complement One’s style & fashion sensitivity while offers a solution to a daily need – charging your iPhone!

To understand further why this simple notion is crucial, one need to understand the why behind the fashion industry success. Fashion has a direct impact on Cultures and People’s social representation of themselves. This is the reason why Brands are so successful – the most important has always been the embellishment of One’s confidence and representation in the eyes of Others.

You may hear that brands connect culturally and emotionally with their target demographic; it is because as brands, we do not sell only a product who offers only physical properties, brands sell a lifestyle and therefore a social status.

And People customize their social representation and how they portray themselves in our community by purchasing specific products landing them different social attributes. The most successful brands and products are the ones that were able to create an aspiring lifestyle while creating a product that has either a quality of craftsmanship difficult to replicate and/or an added value to its User.

CHARLES DARIUS™ or BOLT does not have any largely admitted brand equity in the consumer market for the simple reason that we are new in the market scene and have not yet had the opportunity to communicate in mass who we are and what we stand for; so we are not polarizing.

This is the premise of why BOLT is innovative, it was able to offer a solution to a need we all have (iPhone users to not say everyone who has a mobile phone) while being able to compliment it’s Wearer/User social everyday attributes; in other words, BOLT is fashion accessory before being a technological tool, you can wear BOLT without compromising yourself and your style. In another hand if you were to wear Google Glasses, well that’s another story!


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