Louis Alexandre holds the torch to an iconic French Spirit established in 1880 in a small city outside of Paris, France. Grand Marnier’s signature expression, Cordon Rouge embodied the legacy and tradition we know today. Over a decade of perfecting the ideal balance between Cognac and vivid orange cues to assemble a refined and defined liqueur unrivaled in French society. At the end of the 19th century, Paris was in the midst of La Belle Époque, a time of significant advancement which saw the creation of the Eiffel Tower, the Paris Métro, and the Palais Garnier. This jubilant period elevated the Grand Marnier name as patrons congregated to Paris making the iconic French spirit a household name and global phenomenon. Nearly a century ago, and the foundation of Grand Marnier remains untouched as a primary offering at restaurants and bars worldwide; and today, Grand Marnier invites you to “Live Grand.”

It was an interactive evening to remember, filled with personalized scent making, tastings, and celebrating set to the backdrop of the Academy Mansion as Grand Marnier enabled us to live our best lives from ordinary to the extraordinary. Grand Marnier reminds us that you only live once through their newest campaign initiative entitled, Live Grand.” The is the first major marketing initiative from Grand Marnier since its new ownership under the Campari Group. Live Grand, inspired by the deep, rich heritage of Grand Marnier, the brand aesthetic, vibrant Cognac and bitter orange notes coincided to create a cinematic campaign brought to life by visionary Joseph Khan.

Award-winning director Joseph Khan has worked with industry elites such as Brittney Spears, Dr. Dre, Imagine Dragon, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Maroon 5, Taylor Swift, and U2 just to name few. Khan has built a career on “originality and disdain for convention” using his expertise to elevate the iconic French spirit by not altering its foundation but embracing and enhancing the true essence of a timelessly, classic brand.  “‘Live Grand’ is about the journey of taking a good experience and transforming it into a GRAND one,”  said Joseph Khan. The premises behind the nationwide broadcast, print and digital campaign follows a host of an elegant party, but as the party unfolds, he takes matters into his own hands leading guest into a Cognac wine cellar where the evening is promoted from a fancy gathering to an extravaganza to allow guests to “Live Grand.”

Grand Marnier invites the world to “Live Grand” – while embracing the simple pleasures life has to offer through the reintroduction of a polished blend of Cognac and exotic bitter orange. It may be a new wave of spirit drinkers, but the initiative remains the same deeply rooted in tradition from generation to generation. On that note: Drink with style. Drink responsibly and “Live Grand.

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