This guy can make any and every kind of food look scrumptious.

Who knew food and celebrities could be so similar? They both need to be styled, primped, and beautified before being photographed. You wouldn’t see an A-list celebrity sauntering down the red carpet without makeup, a knockout outfit and styled hair, just as you wouldn’t see a plate of chicken parmesan just thrown in front of a back drop and photographed for the front cover of a cookbook. There is an special art known as food styling, and Adam Pearson is the one to watch and learn from.

Take a simple plate of spaghetti. Adam Pearson from Los Angeles does wonders to make it look even more edible and delicious than it already is. He comes equipped with a tool kit that includes everything from a small pair of scissors to trim the spaghetti, to a spritz bottle that adds moisture and shine to a bit of museum wax to anchor a fork whose placement was well thought out. Who would have known all this work goes into taking a picture of food? It’s also amazing because not only does Adam style the food and perfect every aspect of it, but he and a team prepare and cook the food as well.

Adam Pearson grew up in Southern California and learned to grill and cook at a young age. He was exposed to a lot of different, exotic cultures and cuisines, which comes together for him now in the kitchen. He and his partner are huge travellers, and every trip brings back some kind of ethnic food to add to their over flowing pantry.


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