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Young power couple, Angelo Senat Bianca Alexis chose to take a path not typically taken by fairly recent college grads. They decided to launch their own private jet company. Four Years later they are providing unparalleled service and access to destinations around the world via Royal Jets. Their company offers an unprecedented experience to travelers without breaking the bank!

The rising company boasts many satisfied customers, which is one of the reasons clients continue to come back when it’s time to travel, either for business or for pleasure. In keeping with their service oriented atmosphere, the staff at Royal Jets is known for going out of their way to make sure that customers are well received, comfortable and have an enjoyable experience. Patrons receive world-class service, from the time they board one of the well-appointed aircrafts to the time they disembark.

This innovative company has also been recognized as a carrier that will travel to underserved destinations that are in high demand. Royal Jets is setting a new standard for air travel.

RAINE: What lead you to start a business in the aviation industry?

ALEXIS: In 2012, my partner approached me with the idea of starting a private jet company. I immediately began research about the industry. At first I was a little hesitant but after countless hours of research I noticed the industry was underserved and there was very little information given about the industry in general. We decided to create a platform for the lower middle class to the upper middle class to start flying private without breaking the bank each time.

RAINE: Describe your role as a licensed charter broker. What does that mean to potential clients interested in using your service?

ALEXIS: As a charter brokerage and private jet membership based company, our main role is to provide our members with the best private jet prices in the market through different partnerships as well as our managed fleet.

RAINE: Is Royal Jets only for celebrities and the ultra-wealthy?

ALEXIS: Absolutely not. We created a platform for all to enjoy. We have last minute deals that start at just $500. Which means the new college graduate who just started his/her new career can fly private.

RAINE: Can you talk about “empty leg air travel,” and how does it differ from private jet charters?

ALEXIS: Empty legs allow anyone to fly a private jet at a discounted rate. The two do not differ. 80% of private jet flights are empty when they are repositioning or returning back to home base. This allows us to provide our members with great deals on those empty flights.

RAINE: What are some of the popular destinations that Royal Jets fly’s to?

ALEXIS: Miami, Las Vegas, California, and the Caribbean.

RAINE: You offer a membership program. Please tell our readers about the benefits of each.


  1. No more processing payments after each flight.

  2. Simple budgeting.

  3. Single point of contact. Fast, easy booking.

RAINE: What would you say are the main reasons behind your success?


  1. Being realistic about our goals.

  2. Creative thinking and building a really solid team.

RAINE: What can customers expect while flying with Royal Jets vs. commercial or other private jet charters?

ALEXIS: Unparalleled service, simple budgeting, and a quick/convenient booking service.

RAINE: What is the biggest challenge facing your industry, and what steps are you taking to secure the future of Royal Jets?

ALEXIS: Some of the biggest challenges are high fuel costs. Royal Jets has begun creating new partnerships with fuel management companies and FBOs to lower the travel cost for our customers.

RAINE: What words of wisdom would share with aspiring entrepreneurs?

ALEXIS: It’s really important to do your research and be prepared. Find out what the industry is lacking and become the solution. We also believe having a strong team helps with the success of any company.

“Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results.” —Andrew Carnegie

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