Have you ever seen a gorgeous room in a magazine and wondered how you could translate that same look into a truly personalized space in your own home, but you lacked the time, interior design expertise or bud­get to pull it off? nousDECOR.com helps solve that all-too-familiar dilemma, serving up the tools, com­munity and professional expertise in a single destina­tion to transform a dream design into reality.

Unlike other home decor sites, nousDECOR. com provides much more than beautiful images and links to products, but also all the resources you need to decorate a space, from intelligent search tools and a “Same Look Different Price” recommendation engine, to a moodboard builder and access to thou­sands of moodboards curated by design profession­als and enthusiasts. In addition, nousDECOR.com offers a host of exclusive expert content from celeb­rity designer Mark Cutler, as well as an engaged com­munity of users and professional designers to seek

out for advice, inspiration and collaboration. Finally, with its mobile app, nousDECOR.com offers a unique comparison shopping feature - the ability to snap or upload a picture of a furniture or decor item and then run a search across 8 million items in the nousDECOR.com library from hundreds of retailers and other decor sources online for items offering a similar look at different price points.

Launched in 2014, nousDECOR.com is the brainchild of CEO Heather Gillette, one of You­tube’s earliest executives who established and led several content and copyright teams from 2005 to 2010 as the company skyrocketed from a few thousand to millions of users around the world. The idea for nousDECOR.com came from Heather’s greatest passion outside of the office - building and enhancing interior spaces, from stables and tree houses to her own home - and the frustration she experienced in trying to source a matching chandelier for an antique fixture she was given as a gift.

Heather scoured countless websites, looking for a similar chandelier to fit the space and look of her rustic home. She quickly realized that searching for such unique items was an arduous task. By the time she finally discovered similar chandeliers within her price range on eBay Germany, she recognized that hunting for singular pieces such as hers must be an issue many en- countered.

Heather believed there should be a place online where furnishings from anywhere —not just mainstream retailers—were easily searchable by specifics such as size, color, price and category. A place that would not only help her find special pieces, but provide a community that could help her, or anyone else, solve decor dilemmas such as these. That’s when she decided to build nousDECOR. com.

According to Gillette, “nous” is the french word for ‘we’ - so nousDECOR loosely translates to ‘we decorate.’ Community is our namesake, and a critical part of what nousDECOR has to offer.” By the way, today, that gorgeous French gilded chandelier hangs in her home right beside an old western saddle, a reflection of eclectic high and low styling that contributed to the philosophy of nousDECOR.

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