DietSensor is the easiest and most accurate nutrient and calorie counter on the market, thanks to its automatic food logging capabilities with connected sensors. It embeds all classical functions of state of the art manual diet tracking apps, and adds two revolutionary options, in order to offer an outstanding customer experience to its users: a micro connected scale and a molecular sensor that fits in the palm of its hand. With these sensors, food logging becomes a lot more simple and accurate than manual entries from lookup tables. The user just drops the food on its plate, press a button to illuminate (scan) it and the food is automatically logged into its meal, with the accurate weight and nutritional values that do not come from a standard list. Moreover, each time the user scans, he gets an advice customized to his profile or past actions. He immediately knows what he needs to add or cut back to balance his meal. All our advices are built by doctors or nutritionists and driven by evidence-based medicine.

We fully understand the problem of food counting because our own daughter got diagnosed with a type 1 diabetes 2 years ago. She had to start counting carbs at every meal with manual tools to dose insulin. We quickly realized that hundreds of millions of people struggle daily to answer this critical question: how much carbs or fat or protein do I have in my plate? We found this situation unworthy of the 21st century: they deserve a tool that automatically shows this information on their smartphone with no effort. With my wife, we decided to create the next generation of food tracking tools, and when we discovered that Consumer Physics, an Israeli company was about to release “the first handheld spectrometer able to analyse the chemical composition of objects around us”, we dropped our careers and partnered with them to creat DietSensor, “the first automated nutrition coach”. By simplifying nutrients (carbs, fat and protein) and calorie counting in food and beverage, DietSensor’s mission is to empower and inspire people to eat and live healthier and to help them achieve their goals, especially for people with food-related chronicle disease. And today we are honored that DietSensor received the Best of Innovation Award for apps and softwares worldwide at CES 2016 on the criteria of innovation, outstanding design, and usefulness, in regards to its profound potential impact on the consumer market.



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