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Neuroon: the best sleep you can get

Neuroon: the best sleep you can get

The Neuroon is a revolutionary wearable device that combines advanced brain wave and pulse measurement technology with a comfortable sleeping mask commonly used in air travel. Using built-in biometric sensors, the Neuroon system analyzes the user’s sleep architecture, calculates a sleep efficiency score, and offers optimization advice. In addition, the Neuroon mask uses Bright Light Therapy, a technology that can alleviate jet lag, improve sleep efficiency, and help the user to fall asleep faster. The Neuroon is a system comprised of three components: a comfortable mask made of soft, hypoallergenic material, the Smart-pack, which contains the device’s sensors and electronics encased in medically certified silicone, and the Neuroon mobile app that controls the mask wirelessly using Bluetooth.

The Neuroon offers six key features that will help improve the quality of life of its users:
Sleep Analytics is a core feature of the mask and offers the user the unique opportunity to thoroughly analyze their sleep. When the Neuroon connects to the app, it transmits a sleep report that details how long it took to fall asleep, as well as the sleep duration and patterns. The mask then calculates the Sleep Score, a sleep rating based on the objective data measured by the device and the subjective user’s experience while asleep. The data is collected with three gold-coated electrodes that contact the skin on the user’s forehead. The Neuroon is the first advanced sleep sensor on the consumer market with this level of technology. The other currently available consumer sleep measurement devices only measure the user’s movements (actigraphy) and pulse. The Neuroon, with its advanced sensors uses complete polysomnography, the gold standard for medical sleep studies.

Light Boost, or Bright Light Therapy, provides a burst of energy that helps increase focus and reduce sleepiness by regulating the user’s melatonin levels. The light source is located in the Smartpack and interacts directly with the user’s eyelids ensuring a comfortable and discreet light therapy during a typical 20-minute session.

Jet Lag Blocker helps combat the sleep disorders associated with rapid time zone changes. After setting the travel destination in the mobile app, the mask automatically fine-tunes the appropriate therapy and offers a number of recommendations to help the user optimize their circadian rhythm while traveling. For the best results users should start the therapy several days before traveling.

Neuroon Sunrise is an intelligent wake-up program. Using Bright Light Therapy, the program uses light to initiate wakefulness at the correct moment when the sleeper is in a light sleep phase. Normal alarm clocks often interrupt the sleeper in a deep sleep phase resulting in grogginess, disorientation, and an unpleasant mood. With the Neuroon Sunrise, the user will awake feeling refreshed and alert and ready to start the day.
Personal Pause is an intelligent personalized nap program developed for the Neuroon. The program prevents the user from entering the deepest sleep phases alleviating sleep inertia while maintaining all the benefits of a good nap. The mask and the app will plan ideal nap times based on the users historical data.

Biorhythm Adjuster is the last key feature that adjusts the user’s sleep cycles to irregular sleep schedules. The program adapts the user’s circadian clock to changing wake up times and irregular lifestyles often associated with shift work. It also supports the process of falling asleep, which can be disturbed by the artificial blue light emitted by electronic devices.

Fresh faces – Mark Jackson

Fresh faces – Mark Jackson

Mark is an English actor who was born in Rotterdam, The Netherlands to British parents. He is based in London and Los Angeles.

His early life sent him to the Far East where, between the ages of two and ten, he and his family lived in the tropics of Brunei before moving back to England where he attended The Birkenhead School. Then back to Holland where he enrolled at The British School in The Netherlands, Voorschoten, where he performed in various productions and Europe-wide acting competitions. This led to him studying a BA in English and Drama at the University of East Anglia, Norwich.

Mark can next be seen as series regular ‘Isaac’ in “The Orville” for Twentieth Century Fox Television and Fuzzy Door Productions, opposite Seth MacFarlane, Adrianne Palicki, Scott Grimes, Halston Sage, J. Lee, Peter Macon and Penny Johnson Jerald.

He has an extensive list of stage credits which include appearing with Celia Imrie and Robert Glenister in the award¬winning “Noises Off”, the international tour of “One Man Two Gunners” with Rufus Hound, performing opposite Robert Powell in Agatha Christie’s “Black Coffee,” and playing ‘Captain Stewart’ in the National Theatre’s acclaimed production of “War Horse”. Mark is also an accomplished voice over artist.

RAINE: What was it like wearing the robot costume?
JACKSON: In a show that sees many actors in full body prosthetics, I think I get off pretty lightly. The stages we shoot on are kept at sub zero temperatures, so the suit keeps my pleasant temperate and the helmet, due to an ingenious system of magnets, I can whip off instantly. I guess the short answer would be ‘perfectly fine’. The other thing, of course, is that the suit made all the difference to how I moved as Isaac. He has an economy of movement that definitely derived from the suit’s structure.

RAINE: You have a lot of stage credits to your name. What has been your most challenging role?
JACKSON: Without a doubt, it would be playing Alfie, an 87-year- old waiter, in the National Theatre’s ‘One Man, Two Guvnors’. Apart from the obvious challenges of playing such an old chap, the show drew on the high farce of comedia dell’arte, which saw me falling down flights of stairs backwards and being smacked in the face with doors. You need to build up a confidence for playing roles like that which can take some time. It was a real show stopper though and wonderful to perform for each night.

RAINE: Is there a process you undergo to develop your characters?
JACKSON: I’m constantly surprised how different the characters I end up playing are. I was sure that when I left drama school I’d always play the same sort of part, but it just hasn’t been the case. I now consider myself very fortunate because of it – variety being the spice of life and all that. Because of the range of parts, I’ve found I’ve had to approach each one differently. I’m certainly not a method actor, wouldn’t know where to begin with that! I think an actor should always trust their instincts. I’ve found that once you’ve made a choice, things tend to fall into place after that. Making sure you know your lines and where to stand helps too.

RAINE: What was it like working on the set of “The Orville” with Seth MacFarlane?
JACKSON: The man’s pretty iconic in the world of comedy, so I’d be lying if I didn’t say I was slightly daunted by the idea of working so closely with him. Fortunately, however, his comic genius is equally matched by his creative generosity. He’s been very supportive of the choices I’ve made with Isaac. Everything was new – the Orville universe, the characters, the technologies and different species – which meant that, to some extent, we were building it all from scratch. To do that, you really need an environment that you feel safe to explore in, and Seth provided that in abundance.

RAINE: Tell more about your character, Isaac.
JACKSON: Well, he’s not a robot. I’m expecting to get the robot thing quite a lot, so just getting that in early! He’s an artificial life form from the planet Kaylon. Very much not human and very much alive. He’s been sent as an ambassador to be the Orville’s science officer with the task of reporting back about the Union and the different races that it’s composed of. He’s super clever and super aware of it. Not being human, he generally fails to comprehend the crew’s idiosyncrasies, to hilarious effect of course. He combines a particular kind of innocence with a jaw- dropping arrogance, which I think the audience will find appealing.

Moov, Redefining Electric Transportation

Moov, Redefining Electric Transportation

Radical Transport is redefining a new direction in personal transportation. Designed, engineered, and assembled in the US, MOOV aims to re-imagine 2-wheeled electric transportation from the ground up. With a lower stance, larger wheels and ultra- thin unibody construction, MOOV is a machine, not a toy. Charged with custom ride dynamics and premium mechanics. Harnessing a unibody design with integrated sensors, MOOV responds to your body’s natural sense of balance, increasing rider stability and improving handling. With programmable riding modes, riders can safely master the board before operating at higher speeds. Over the life of the board, the ride continues to suit the rider.



Photographer: Kevin Link
Stylist & Creative Director: Ope Majek For Kba
Hair & Makeup: Charles Zambrano
Model: Alejandra Cata For One.1
Post Production: Yvonne Taylor




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