On November 12, 2018 the FIAF hosted their annual Trophee des Arts Gala at The Plaza Hotel to raise vital funds to support the organization’s innovative programs, which explore the evolving diversity and richness of French cultures through education and the arts.

Photos by: Brandonlee Eccleston @uncommon.lee

Photos by: Brandonlee Eccleston @uncommon.lee

FIAF is the country’s leading French language and cultural center. Founded in 1898 by American Francophiles, FIAF is an American not for profit organization incorporated in the state of New York and is not an agency of the French governments. Located in the heart of NYC, the French Institute Alliance Franciase (FIAF) offers unique insight into French culture.

This year, FIAF honored Jane Fonda, an iconic American actress with the Trophee des Arts award and Sebastien Bazin, Chairman & CEO of AccorHotels with the Pilier d’Or award.

Photos by: Brandonlee Eccleston @uncommon.lee

The evening started with a packed cocktail reception filled with well dressed attendees from New York’s social scene. Items for the silent auction surrounded the room; including a Moynat, Celine, Givenchy and Fendi handbags. After guests mingled for about an hour at the standing room only reception, everyone made their way upstairs to the ballroom.
Marie-Monique Steckel, President of the French Insitute Alliance Française (FIAF), welcomed everyone to the gala and thanked us for supporting the organization. She then informed us of the passing of Bob Wilmers, a longtime Board Member and Chairman for the last five years in December 2017. The new Chairman, Charles S. Cohen, has nurtured a lifelong passion for France and its culture and is an exciting addition to the team.

The first award presentation of the evening went to Sebastian Bazin, Chairman & CEO of AccorHotels. He spoke about his journey in the hospitality business and about his passion for transforming the lives of his employees and their families by providing stable employment.

Next, we experienced a very exciting live auction. The auctioneer not only raised over $100,000 during the live auction and over $127,000 for pledges, he was able to get a few laughs from the crowd with his entertaining personality. The live auction item garnering the highest bid was the 2017 art piece, Monkey Train, by Jeff Koons going for $45,000. And to top it off, Jeff Koons was in attendance and agreed to take a selfie with the person who won the bid.

After the live auction, a video of a few popular movie scenes with Jane Fonda was played to entertain the crowd. After, she was introduced and presented with the Trophee des Arts Awards for her track record of philanthropy, political activism and feminism. As she walked onstage, the audience gave her a standing ovation. She graciously accepted her award as she captivated the crowd with her beauty and wit. It was the perfect round up of a wonderful evening filled with charity, glamour and culture!

Tips To Choosing The Perfect Dress For Your Body Shape

Tips To Choosing The Perfect Dress For Your Body Shape

When people shop for dresses, it usually depends on the style and the price. If a dress has a style suited for their preference and is within their price point, people would immediately purchase the dress. However, these two shouldn’t be your only factors when purchasing a dress. In fact, your choices should also be dependent on your body shape. Keep in mind that everybody is unique and a dress that looks good on your friends, might work on you or vice versa. To ensure that your dress will only bring out the best of you, consider these tips in choosing the perfect dress for your body shape:

1. If you have a circular body type: One of the most obvious characteristics of a circular body type is having the tendency to gain weight particularly in your middle section. This can make you become more conscious in your tummy area. Additionally, a circular body type tends to have narrow ankles and wrists and a higher waist. If you think your body falls into this category, take note of the following style tips:

● Your goal when choosing a dress is to highlight your ankles and wrists as these could be two of your best features.

● Opt to purchase dresses with ruching in the torso area as these are not only very comfortable but these can also flatter the definition of your figure.

● An empire waist dress without the pleats can float over your tummy area (hiding your insecurities) and define the narrowest part of your torso.

● Since you want to show off your shapely legs, look for short dresses.

● A dress which has a round or V-shaped neckline will look good on you.

● You can also wear dresses which are sleeveless to draw attention to your arms.

● An A-line dress, straight dress, shirt dress, and wrap dress are excellent options for your body type.

2. If you have an hourglass body figure: Many people consider an hourglass figure as the “perfect” body figure for women. Similar to how an hourglass looks like, this body figure has the ratio of wide:narrow:wide – wider bust, narrow waist and wide hip. Take your tape measure and check if your body measurements can be considered as an hourglass figure. If it does, the tips below can be helpful for you:

● When you have an hourglass body figure, your dresses should emphasize the waist and the chest since these two are your best features.

● You can wear any dress which has either a V-shaped or round neckline.

● For the sleeves, look for Raglan sleeves in different lengths. These will accentuate the upper portions of your body.

● As for the length, dresses which are to the middle of your knees work best on you.

● An A-line dress, baby doll dress, tube dress and sheath dress will look good with an hourglass body figure.

3. If you have an upturned triangle body type: An upturned triangle body type has hips that are narrower than your shoulders. The main defining feature of your body type is the different proportions of your hips and shoulders. Your waist can also be a bit straighter when you have an upturned triangle body type. Most of the time, people with this body type has well-endowed body proportions. An upturned triangle body type will find these tips useful when looking for a perfect dress for them:

● When you have this body type, your goal should be about bringing attention to your hips while reducing the size of your upper body.

● Keeping your dress slim in the hip area can also do wonders for you as this can create definition and curve, creating visual balance in your shape.

● You can still wear clothing details such as patterns and ruffles as long as it’s not placed in the shoulder area.

● A dress which has an asymmetric or V-shaped neckline are excellent options for your dress styles.

● Your dress should have a narrow and simple sleeve. Again, you don’t want to draw attention to your shoulder area.

● Dresses which are knee length or higher will look good in this body type.

● Shop for straight dresses, bodycon dresses, basque dresses, shirt dresses and wrap dresses if you have an upturned triangle body type. These styles will highlight your hips.

4. If you have a triangle body type: People who have a triangle body shape may consider the upper part of their body as their favorite. Their shoulders are usually narrower than the widest part of their hips. And since people with this body type usually gain weight in the hip area, they can become self-conscious of their hips and their bottom. If you see yourself guilty in any of these, you might have a triangle body type. Use the tips below when choosing the perfect dress apt for your body type:

● With this body type, you would want to bring attention to your upper body especially areas around the waist and the shoulders.

● You can wear anything that’s fitted in the waist area.

● Design elements like pockets and patterns should be in different areas of the dress other than the hips.

● Open shoulders, boat-shaped and round neckline will work best with this body type.

● As for the sleeves, look for dresses which are voluminous. These are sleeves which are wing-shaped.

● Your dress length should reach the knees or even lower.

● A dress with a raised waist, an A-line dress, baby doll dress and shirt dress are some of the most suitable styles for a triangle body shape.

Uniqueness Is Beautiful

Your body type might not be the same as your favorite celebrity’s, but there are many ways on how you can still look good in a dress. Start by determining what your body type is, and the search for finding the perfect dress will come off easier! You can look good and feel great once you end up buying the perfect dress for your body type. And regardless of the body type you have, you can surely find dresses from Ezibuy that will suit your needs, style, body shape and budget.


Andrea is an aspiring fashion designer who loves designing women’s fashion and wedding dresses. She loves reading fashion magazines and enjoys writing about her passion. She currently writes for and one day hopes to have her own fashion line.
The Best Designer Hats and Their Makers

The Best Designer Hats and Their Makers

Your friends influenced you to wear hats. They told you that this is an excellent fashion piece and regardless of what occasion you’re dressing up for, there’ll always be a hat which suits. And true enough, you were able to develop your love for hats because of these comments. Now, no matter where you go, you always have a hat on. You’ve embraced this fashion statement and you can’t leave home without one. Because of this fascination, you’re looking for new hats to wear. You think that these pieces can be a very good addition to your collection and to any outfits. To help you out with your search, here’s a list which highlights the best designer hats and their makers:

Bailey: This brand has been established as 1922 and since then, it continued to cater to different consumers, including some in Hollywood. Fred Astaire and Humphrey Bogart were fans of this brand! Who wouldn’t? Bailey has continued to consistently produce high quality hats up until this day. Its reputation and quality never changed throughout the years; in fact, it only became better. This brand has been made known because of its craftsmanship which specializes in gentlemanly styles. If you’re looking for a well-known designer who can offer you fedoras and felt trilbies, Bailey is the brand for you!

Goorin: Goorin is a family-owned business which originally started in the US. But with the success this brand has been getting, it became a household name over time. This has become an international brand and for very good reasons too – Goorin has a slick line of products which can satisfy any hat-lover across the globe, both for men and women. And if you want to own (or at least see in person) the porkie pie hat used in Breaking Bad, Goorin can do the job for you. This is the brand which made that iconic hat!

Christys’ Of London: One thing that makes Christys’ Of London unique among other brands in the market is that they offer a wide variety of designs. They sell military headwear and even headpieces for the royal families! Because of its craftsmanship and traditional skills, they continue to make a name in the fashion industry. So if you’re eyeing to buy anything from Christys’ Of London, you’ll be at ease knowing that you’re working with a great brand.

New Era: Snapbacks have been making the waves again – thanks to New Era! This brand has contributed for this fashion piece’s comeback. And although New Era has continually given consumers innovative hat designs fit for any generation, this brand actually started doing business as early as 1920. Since then, it became the exclusive distributor of on-field caps that’s worn by major league baseball teams.

Lock & Co. Hatters: This British brand infuses history and tradition in all of their designs. This brand has been producing the finest hats around the world as early 1900s. It’s the brand that produced headwear for Sir Winston Churchill and Charlie Chaplin! Lock & Co. Hatters continues to be the oldest hat shop in the world. And they wouldn’t be existing this long if their hats aren’t the best, right?

Past Present: Who says historic designs are stuffy and boring? When you use hats from Past Present, it’ll never feel like that! On the contrary, when you purchase hats from Past Present, you’ll be wearing pieces drawn from history while giving you comfort and softness at the same time. All of the collections from Past Present infuses history and modern style in a very creative manner.

Borsalino: If you’re someone who’s on the lookout of what’s hot in fashion, you must have heard about Borsalino. This brand was established in 1857 and has built its foundation to become one of world’s renowned brand when it comes to head pieces. Borsalino specializes in fedora hats but they also produce luxury flat caps.

Barbour: Unlike other brands in the market, Barbour offers hats which captures the countryside feel – perfect for someone who’s trying to highlight their British heritage! This brand also sells beanies and bucket hats which are crafted with the brand’s signature of waxed cotton and tweeds. All of these details create an authentic feel to anyone who wears it. If this style is up your alley, make sure that you shop from Barbour immediately!

Tenth Street: Founded in 1921, Tenth Streetcame from humble beginnings and transformed into the high quality hat making company it is today. Their style is making hats that not only blend a vintage feel with today’s modern times, but it also run by a close knit family. Making many different types of hats from Biltmore, Stacy Adams, to Scala hats, you’ll find something that is sure to please.

In Conclusion: Everyone wants to be unique with their fashion choices. Everyone wants to stand out from the crowd – and if you’re doing all of these with the use of a hat, like scala hats go ahead.. Just make sure that any hat you wear will make you confident and comfortable all the time. Remember, you should be wearing something which will make you shine, not do the complete opposite. If you want to give your fashion choices an overhaul with hats, consider the list provided in this article. It’ll give you an idea on what to purchase next for your hat collection!


Carson Finkle serves as the CEO for Tenth Street Hats, and through his marketing and sales training aims to push the California-based company towards becoming a powerhouse in its niche. As a team-oriented person with a penchant for making connections, Carson combines his business acumen and strong analytical skills with his communication skills to solve business problems and form fruitful relationships with both businesses and consumers at the same time. Tenth Street Hats takes its name from the original 10th Street and Broadway warehouse in Oakland California, where it remains to be an integral part of the Northern California culture even 100 years into the future. Tenth Street Hats, despite being a family-run organization, also makes sure the entire team has a bond akin to a real family. This also helped them maintain relationships with cutting-edge designers and expert craftsmen to deliver quality products.
Tattooing and Fashion: How To Make Tattoos Fashionable

Tattooing and Fashion: How To Make Tattoos Fashionable

You always love fashion. You want to be updated with the latest fashion trends and when you see a new fashion piece from your favorite designer brand, you immediately add these items in your closet. Your friends also know how you have a knack for fashion. However, you’re worried that you can no longer be as fashionable because you just got tattoos on different parts of your body. You fear that all of these inks will hinder you from looking your best. But nobody said that tattoos and fashion never complement each other; on the contrary, they do. Even if you have tattoos, you can still be very fashionable just like before. To give you an idea on how you can do it, use the tips presented below:

Consider the colors: This is a simple trick you can do so both your tattoos and fashion choices will look great together. If you have colorful and vibrant tattoos, pair them up with neutrals. Watercolor tattoos have become a fad recently and if you’re considering getting one, The Black Hat Tattoo can get the job done for you. If you have black and grey tattoos, you can wear colors to bring out the designs. Go ahead and wear your favorite pink dress or yellow romper! One rule of thumb when matching your tattoo and fashion though, is never wear anything that will clash with each other. This isn’t a very flattering look.

Consider the theme: The theme is also something which you should think about when you’re choosing pieces to match with your tattoos. This might look like a small detail but this can make a big impact for you to come up with a cohesive look. If you have Japanese style tattoos, you can wear Asian inspired fashion. You know, those fashion pieces which are silky and flowy. On the other hand, if you have traditional tattoos like skull and mandala prints, it can look great when you pair these with modern shirts and jeans. Watercolor tattoos work well with pieces which have the same color as your tattoo. So if you have tattoos of pink and blue birds, pick fashion pieces which have the similar hues.

Consider the location: Where your tattoos are inked on your body is also very crucial. You should choose hemlines, necklines sleeves based on the tattoos you want to show off. For instance, if you have a full sleeve tattoo, opt to wear a sleeveless top. When you have a chest tattoo, go for a strapless top. Regardless of where your tattoo is, there are many pieces available in the market which can help you show it off.

In Conclusion: Nowadays, more and more people are getting tattoos all over their bodies. Tattoos are no longer taboo but an avenue for self-expression and art. And if you’re one of these people, your tattoo shouldn’t be the reason for you not to dress well at all. On the contrary, your tattoos can even help you accentuate better your fashion choices.

Victor Miller is a writer contributing pieces to The Black Hat Tattoo. As a writer, he seeks to make sure his readers understand his topics by making sure the language he uses is appropriate and easy to digest. He supplements his writing by reading during his free time, or trying out creative writing.


Humble Beginnings for Graphic Artist: Lawrence Deacon

Humble Beginnings for Graphic Artist: Lawrence Deacon

When asked to describe himself in three words, graphic designer Lawrence Deacon used dedicated,  reliable, and ambitious. Three words, that when put together pave the road to success for a hard working artist with an iron will. A journey that began with a TV box in place of a desk and an ambitious dream, has turned into a successful career for this artist. With few international graphic designers coming from the Caribbean, Deacon’s background sets him apart, but his work ethic and determination will determine his future. Deacon takes the time to share his artistic journey, and some sage wisdom, with Raine Magazine.

RAINE: Describe the events that led up to the moment that you realized you wanted to be a designer/artist.

DEACON: I started drawing at the tender age of 7 after migrating to Montego Bay, Jamaica from my birth parish of St. Thomas. Throughout primary school and into high school, friends would pay me to do small drawing projects. Then, in high school a friend showed my work to the head of the art department. I was encouraged to draw more, and I started to push myself harder. One summer in high school I went to visit my cousin, and he showed me some incredible life-size paintings and drawings he did in high school and the first year of college. I was inspired even more, especially when he shared his college/art school experience. By the time I was in the 10th grade  I asked the head of the art department to sign me up for the CSEC Art exam. He wasn’t sure if I was ready but I knew I was. In 2013 I started art school, and by 2015 I had dropped out to pursue my dream of becoming a recognized graphic designer. It has been an enjoyable uphill journey since then.

RAINE: What inspires your works of art?

DEACON: My art is inspired by the conflicts within oneself. I believe that life can be imperfectly perfect. It’s me trying to navigate my daily challenges. Art started out as the place where I could hide my thoughts and look for comfort or answers, hence why I called my pieces the Encrypted Truth. Now I am solving bigger challenges in the workplace where I am tasked with delivering the best service to my customers.

RAINE: Do you have a philosophy or mantra that you live by?

DEACON: Use what you have to the best of your ability.

RAINE: Who has been the most influential person in your life on your journey as a creative entrepreneur?

DEACON: I would say myself since I often find myself whispering quietly , “I’m not giving up.” On a serious note, my mom, she’s such a  strong influence especially because she was a teenage parent and she has never given up on me or herself. To see what she has accomplished today; I am proud of her, she’s a true role model.

RAINE: Financing one’s business seems to be the biggest challenge for most. What tips can you share about tackling or overcoming this challenge?

DEACON: I’m probably the worst person to advise on this but who knows, I may be a financial advisor in my own company one day. I started off broke after dropping out of college. I was using a fifty inch TV box as a desk, knowing that I had to put in hard work and keep an optimistic mindset about accomplishing my dream. I’ve learned that money is a tool, just like you are a tool to your business. My advice to you is do all you can, while you can, until you are able to finance the parts you couldn’t.

What’s your favorite quote?

Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes… the ones who see things differently — they’re not fond of rules… You can quote them, disagree with them, glorify or vilify them, but the only thing you can’t do is ignore them because they change things… they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as the crazy ones, we see genius, because the ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do. – Steve Jobs

RAINE: What are some exciting things you have coming down the pike that we can look forward to seeing?

DEACON: I am working on quite a few exciting upcoming new projects. I am collaborating with Chronixx on his Chronology Caribbean Tour, designing cover art for  Coco Jones on her upcoming single, also designing for upcoming reggae artist Sabree for on her new single off her EP that’s coming out soon. I will also be launching my illustration brand called Delawness soon, which I am excited about.

RAINE: What has been the biggest project that you have worked on to date?

DEACON: Honestly, I never took the time out to evaluate because I’ve always been busy working and each project to me is treated as another stepping stone towards accomplishing the dream. It’s a truly remarkable experience working with all the brands who have hired me over the years.  Overall, my biggest project was working with a watch brand out of the Netherlands, Time 22, on developing their brand identity. It was my first job designing something that would be printed in grade 5 titanium.

RAINE: What words of wisdom would you share with other creative entrepreneurs?

DEACON: I would say don’t try to save up to start your business, it’s like saving to be rich and that’s a death trap. Start off with what you have, prepare to work long hours and sleepless nights filled with hungry days because there’s no lifeguard team coming. Just ensure you are surrounded by supportive individuals even if it’s only one because it will get lonely. When you feel like giving up take a break- not a vacation but a day off. Just allow things to process for a day or two, you will feel better the next day.


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