Ahead is an attachable Bluetooth device that mounts to virtually any helmet to provide a safe, hands-free audio system to listen to music, make phone calls and follow GPS navigation. With Ahead, wearers have the power to turn virtually any helmet into a smart helmet. The attachable Bluetooth device easily mounts to a user’s helmet. Using a special algorithm and two angled microphones, Ahead’s unique technology reduces wind and other surrounding noises at speeds of up to 40 MPH. As the noise is reduced, the angled microphones are able to intake sound directly in front of the user’s mouth. One of the most unique features of Ahead are the vibrations emitted from the device which clarify the sound quality that penetrates the helmet. Additionally, the device’s app allows users to customize the device’s buttons and enables features like push-to-talk.

With IP45 water and dust resistance, Ahead is safe to use in rain, snow and desert conditions. The rechargeable device also comes with a charging cable, has a three-day standby battery and can last eight hours while on a phone call. Detachable for easy charging or for transferring to other helmets, Ahead also comes with a second mount for at-home usage and offers an app that is compatible with Apple and Android devices.



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