Sophisticated. Sustainable. Chic

This is the motto for the eco-friendly fashion line C. Marchuska

For the most part, we can all say that we have or have had that one clothing item that we absolutely refuse to chuck, no matter how tattered and stained it has become. It’s just more eco-friendly to hold onto it right? This is how the line of Christine Marchuska and Brooke Bresnan came to be. Frustrated by the lack of clothing options to wear both to work and outside of the office, Christine was motivated to design classic pieces that could accomplish both goals. C. Marchuska is one clothing line that is beneficial in many ways. It’s eco-friendly, but it doesn’t break your bank. Its chic dresses are mostly around thirty to forty dollars. This line is also manufactured in New York City, and is designed to produce less waste. Any socially and economically conscious woman who doesn’t want to wear burlap sacks for the sake of the planet will have a hard time turning away from this designer.

In an interview with Ecosalon, C. Marshuska said,

I benefit from having my line manufactured in the U.S. for numerous reasons; some of the most notable would be: 
Quality control standards- I am able to be involved actively in every aspect of the manufacturing process and to make sure the pieces are put together according to my standards. Shorter runs/on-demand runs- manufacturing in the U.S. provides you with the luxury of being able to produce smaller run sizes and on-demand runs which is very important in this tough economy. Fair trade/fair labor/ eco-friendly processes- I guessthis relates more to start-ups and smaller companies, but you are able to oversee the operation (as mentioned in my first point) versus working with China/India where you might just be entrusting another individual on these very important issues. This was one of my main reasons for manufacturing domestically here in NYC.



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